Articles Last Revised on December 7, 2017

I. Organization

The name of the Association will be the Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group.

The geographic scope of influence for the group will be Oregon and Washington. This declaration does not preclude any similar group from establishing itself separately and independently from the Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group within this geographic region.

The group will operate in accordance with the Articles of Association. All members will be required to abide by these rules.

II. Mission, Vision and Values


Provide Compensation and Benefits professionals the latest in industry resources, professional development, and networking.


  • ·             Engage total rewards practitioners throughout Oregon and SW Washington.
  • ·             Provide programs focused on a broad range of issues related to Compensation, Benefits, and Work Life.


  • ·             Excellence — Promote integrity and quality in our profession.
  • ·             Development — Provide high value, relevant programs which enhance the skills and knowledge of our members. 
  • ·             Community — Give back to the professional community through support of members and students as they work to achieve educational goals.

III. Membership

Membership Eligibility
Membership in the Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group will be open to all Human Resources professionals, practitioners, consultants, and students, with a professional interest in compensation, benefits, and related fields. Membership will be divided into four categories: Individual, Corporate, Consultant, and Student. Qualifications for the four membership categories are as follows:

A1. Individual Membership: Individual membership is open to all individuals who have an interest in compensation and benefits and are working as Human Resource professionals or practitioners. Sponsorship by the individual's place of business is not required. Individuals may attend functions, hold office, serve on committees, and vote, with one vote per individual member.

A2. Corporate Membership: Corporate memberships are open to businesses/organizations who have an interest in compensation and benefits. Only one corporate membership is required per organization, with multiple representatives able to attend functions, hold office, and serve on committees. Corporate memberships have one vote per organization.

A3. Consultant Membership: Consultant membership is open to all individuals who provide consulting services in the compensation and/or benefits fields for a professional services firm. Consultant members may attend functions, serve on committees, and may hold office. Consultant members can vote, with one vote per consultant membership.

A4. Student Membership: Student membership is open to all individuals enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate business or Human Resources program at an accredited college or university. Student members may serve on committees but cannot hold office or vote.

Application for Membership

Application for membership is made by completing and submitting an approved application form, with appropriate annual membership dues, to the Group Administrator.

Membership Maintenance

Membership will be granted for a calendar year. Members joining in the Fourth Quarter of the calendar year will be granted membership through the next calendar year.

Membership renewal for subsequent calendar years will be automatic, provided annual dues are paid by the membership expiration date and the member continues to meet eligibility requirements specified III - A1, A2, A3, or A4.

The Executive Committee may make exceptions for members temporarily unemployed. In such cases, membership may be maintained for up to 12 months.

It is the responsibility of each member to notify the Group Administrator of any changes affecting membership status.

Termination of Membership

Membership in the Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group may be terminated at any time by notifying the Group Administrator. Refunds of annual dues, however, will not be made.

Membership in the Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group may be suspended or terminated by a majority vote of the Executive Committee for failure to adhere to standards of professional conduct, or for abusing the privilege of membership. The Executive Committee will conduct a hearing of the matter prior to voting to suspend or terminate the membership.


The qualifications for membership and for holding office will be defined without regard to age, sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or other factors prohibited by law.

IV. Fees

A1. Membership Dues
Annual Dues will be assessed for each membership category and will be based on the calendar year. Annual dues must be paid at the time of application for membership and are not prorated. Members joining in the fourth quarter of the calendar year, however, will be granted membership through the next calendar year. Dues for membership renewals are expected to be paid by no later than March 1st of the calendar year to remain a member in good standing. Members not paying dues by April 1st will be dropped from membership. Annual dues amounts will be determined by the Executive Committee.

A2. Other Fees
Program, user, and other fees may also be established and assessed by the Executive Committee to fund group activities. Members will be notified on announcements of a meeting/activity, or through normal notification channels, when fees will be assessed.

V. Executive Officers

A1. Officer Structure
Officers for the Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group will consist of a President, Operations Chair, Treasurer, five Program Certification Co-Chairs, Membership Chair, Member Communications Chair, Social Media Chair, MARCOM Chair, Technology Chair, Past-President and a Group Administrator. No more than 50% of the Officers of the Association may hold Consultant membership status. These positions, together with the Immediate Past President will comprise the Executive Committee. Positions may be added or dropped as necessary as approved by the Executive Committee.

A1a. At the board’s discretion, volunteers or interns may be utilized to assist with business activities deemed beneficial to the membership.

A2. Election of Officers
Approximately sixty days prior to the annual business meeting luncheon and when open board positions have been determined, a Nominating Committee of 3 members will be formed for selecting the following year’s board members and securing the President’s successor. It will be the duty of the Nominating Committee to nominate at least one member for each office for which elections are being held. The committee should be comprised of the Operations Chair, who will serve as the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, the Past-President, and a member at large. An email will be sent out the membership asking members to volunteer to be on the Nominating Committee. Of those who volunteer, previous board members from the last 6 years and who served for at least 2 years will be given priority from selection to the Nominating Committee.  

The Nominating Committee should use the process steps as a guideline for selecting members for nomination to the board. 

1.    Email sent to members notifying them the nomination process has begun and requesting any members who are interested in volunteering to complete an application.   

2.    Nominating Committee will review all applications and contact either by phone or in person all applicants to discuss the requirements for participation on the board.  Follow up questions to determine skills applicable to board membership will be asked at this time. 

3.    The Nominating Committee will select members who with the most applicable skills for the open positions as nominees for the board. 

4.    The Group Administrator will send, generally at least 2 weeks prior to the annual business meeting, an email to the membership with a short bio of the nominated members.

The Operations Chair position should preferably be filled with either a current or former board member with communications or programs experience. 

Elections will be conducted during the Annual Business Meeting. All officers will be elected by a simple majority of the voting membership in attendance at the meeting. The term of office will be one calendar year. In the absence of an Annual Business Meeting, elections may be conducted by email or mail. Officers elected by mail will consist of a simple majority of the returned ballots.

The Group Administrator will be appointed/hired by the Executive Committee for a period of up to one year, renewable at the Executive Committee's discretion.

A3. Order of Succession

Presidency is a one year term filled voted-in by the members annually at the annual business meeting.  All Board Members who have served for at least one full term are eligible for the Presidency, typically the role is filled by the Operations Chair, Treasurer of a Lead Programs or Communication role. 

When a vacancy in the office of President occurs between elections, the role will be filled with a member of the Board that has completed at least one full term.  Optimally, the interim President will be filled from the Operations Chair, Treasurer or Communications lead Operations Chair. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Operations Chair, Treasurer, or a Co-Chair position, the President will appoint a member to fulfill the remaining term of office, subject to confirmation by the membership. An Immediate Past President will not be replaced.

A4. Removal of an Officer
The Executive Committee will be responsible for ensuring that officers fulfill all their responsibilities to the group.

A member may be removed from office by a majority vote of the officers for not fulfilling the responsibilities of their office, for not adhering to standards of professional conduct, or for abusing the privilege of membership. The Executive Committee will conduct a hearing of the matter prior to removing a member from office.

Upon removal of an officer, succession procedures outlined in Section V – A3, will be followed to fulfill the remaining term of office.

Committee Chairpersons, for committees other than Programs/Certification, Membership, or the Nominations Committee, and the Group Administrator, may be removed from their positions by the President, with confirmation from the Executive Committee.

A5. Officers Duties
Officers are expected to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the position they hold and to attend as many group functions (4-6 per year), Executive Committee sessions (approximately one per month), and other necessary meetings as can be arranged with their work schedules.

Officers Terms

A board member should limit board membership to a maximum of 6 years, with no more than 3 years in any one position.  If no other qualified volunteers are available, a board member may be invited to stay beyond 6 years.  Possible exceptions to these guidelines include:

1.    If a programs committee member takes on a leadership role within the programs committee, their participation in programs and on the board, should be allowed to extend an additional year.

2.    In the event a board member is elected to the Operations Chair position, their participation on the board may extend beyond the 6-year limit to serve in the Operations Chair, President, and Immediate Past President positions. 

B1. President

The President provides direction, exercises general supervision over the activities and welfare of the group and keeps in constant touch with other Executive Committee members for policy matters. Serves as an ex-officio member for all group committees, appointing committee chairpersons, as necessary. The President presides at all meetings of the group and its Executive Committee, calling meetings as deemed necessary. The President acts as the primary liaison with WorldatWork's appointed representatives and local Group Partnership Network staff.

B2. Operations Chair

The Operations Chair assists the President as requested and assumes other responsibilities, such as the planning of the annual business meeting, as designated by the Executive Committee. The Operations Chair works in conjunction with the Treasurer to draft and report on the Annual Budget. The Operations Chair acts as a liaison with a WorldatWork representative and Local Group Partnership Network staff. The Operations Chair is the primary liaison to the Program Co-Chairs who are responsible for the planning, publicizing, and presenting of educational/networking programs of varying lengths, from two hours to full day, featuring industry-recognized Human Resource professional or other highly qualified presenters.

B3. Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all records related to the receipt, deposit, and disbursement of the group's funds, keeping and preserving proper vouchers and books of accounts for all activities. Submits records for inspection upon request of the Executive Committee. Oversees the activities of the Group Administrator as it relates to the handling of group funds. The Treasurer prepares and presents at least quarterly reports to the Executive Committee and an annual report to the membership. The Treasurer also works in conjunction with the Operations Chair in preparing and reporting against the Annual Budget. Ensures the timely filing of all tax forms with local, state, and federal authorities as may be required.

B5. Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President counsels and serves in an advisory capacity to the President and Marketing Chairs. The Immediate Past President attends Executive Committee meetings, providing input on operations, policies, procedures, and activities. The Immediate Past President coordinates the activities of group volunteers. The Immediate Past President assumes other responsibilities as designated by the Executive Committee.

B6. Programs/Certification Course Co-Chair (5 positions)

In conjunction with the Operations Chair, the Programs/Certification Co-Chairs plan, publicize, and present educational/networking programs of varying lengths, from two hours to full day, featuring industry-recognized Human Resource professionals or other high-quality presenters. The Co-Chairs develop and present program ideas to the Executive Committee for consideration, secure speakers and locations, and work with the Group Administrator to handle all other details necessary for program success. The Co-Chairs also plan, publicize, and present at least two WorldatWork Certification Course each year. They develop and present recommendations to the Executive Committee for course selection, contract with WorldatWork, secure the course location, arrange with the Group Administrator to register participants, distribute course materials, and handle all other details necessary for program success.

B7. Membership Chair

In conjunction with the Group Administrator and Treasurer, the Membership Chair handles analysis of our member demographics and interests, and the ongoing solicitation of new members. The Membership Chair identifies new member sources, coordinates the preparation and updating of the new member prospect list, oversees the Group Administrator in the annual mailing of member renewal statements, notifying Executive Committee of any non-renewing members. Develops and presents membership solicitations, new member materials, and demographic analysis and membership recommendations to the Executive Committee for consideration, coordinates all new member solicitation mailings, and handles all other activities necessary to promote and increase awareness of the group's purpose and goals with Human Resource professionals in Oregon and S.W. Washington.

The Membership chair coordinates the annual scholarship program: announcement of the program, liaison with educational institutions, selection of the scholarship winners, communications to applicants, and coordination of payment. 

B8. Member Communications Chair

In conjunction with other board members, the Member Communications Chairs coordinates the publication of an electronic newsletter by soliciting topic ideas and authors for articles, preparing and composing announcements, and coordinating all website activity. Ensures that all communications are timely, accurate, and of professional quality. Identifies and develops new forms of communications, partners with other Marketing Chairs including MARCOM, Social Media, and Technology Chairs on content to also post on appropriate outlets. Works with Group Administrator to facilitate all outgoing, mass-member email communications.

B9. Social Media Chair

Works with the Communications, MARCOM, Programs and Technology Charis to integrate CWCG's messaging with the CWCG Website, and various social media outlets (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn).  In conjunction with other board members, the Social Media Chair coordinates and prepares announcements to be posted on various social media outlets.  Ensures that all communications are timely, accurate, and of professional quality.  Identifies and develops new forms of communications, oversees posts and acts as group moderator for any social media sites utilized by CWCG. 

B10. Technology Chair

Maintains the organization's website.  Researches and posts relevant data sources to keep members informed, updates content, maintains events calendar, reviews user account information for information security purposes. Serves as employer and member contact for posted positions and reviews job postings prior to publishing.  Uploads and password-protects member-only and board-only content/documents, advises the Board on technological issues and recommends changes to the CWCG Website as appropriate.  Advises Treasurer on budgetary needs for technology spending, including website hosting fees, software/graphics development fees and third-party processor (e.g. PayPal) fees.  Reports website usage statistics to the Board and membership on a periodic basis.


Working in partnership across the Board, the MARCOM Chair will plan and create strategies, tactics, activities, programs and materials for conveying messages to the membership and other target markets to promote and publicize CWCG, and all CWCG events. This position will work very closely with all other Marketing Chairs to coordinate consistent information sharing across formats via electronic newsletter, social media, and the CWCG website and with the Programs and Membership Chairs to promote programs and events. 

B11. Group Administrator

The Group Administrator coordinates with Executive Committee members, including Co-Chairs, to handle a variety of administrative tasks for the Board. Maintains and updates the membership and prospect database, facilitates and updates to the web-based directory, creates all program publicity and other communications as requested, assembles bulk mailings, picks up and distributes all Association mail to the appropriate Executive Committee members for action, receives all program registrations and payments and makes regular deposits in coordination with the Treasurer. The Group Administrator will respond to all telephone and email inquiries regarding Association membership, mail membership brochures to prospective members, and handle other miscellaneous administrative tasks requested by the Executive Committee. At the Executive Committee discretion, this position may be designated a leadership/Executive Committee role or a paid administrative position.

VI. Meetings

Meetings will be held as determined by the Executive Committee. Every effort will be made to accommodate the geographic distribution and time preferences of the membership. Quarterly programs may be held in lieu of regular formal meetings.

At least one business meeting will be held annually to present new officers and review the group's financial status.

The basic agenda of the annual meeting will be the responsibility of the Program Co-Chairs. Members may contribute to the annual meeting agenda by submitting their agenda items to the Group Administrator at least two weeks before the meeting. Priorities will be established by the Executive Committee.

The tenor of the meetings will be as informal as possible to accomplish the business objectives. When necessary, the presiding officer or chairperson may impose Robert's Rules of Order.

Notice of meetings or programs, including time and place, will be given in writing and/or published at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled meeting.

Special meetings may be held at any time on call of the Executive Committee, or on request of ten percent (10%) or more of the membership. Notice must be in writing, stating the purpose of the meeting, identifying the meeting as a special meeting, and providing a proposed agenda.

VII. Quorum

A simple majority of applicable members must be present at any Executive Committee meeting, other committee meeting, or general business meeting of the membership to constitute a quorum.

VIII. Transaction of Business

A simple majority vote by members present at Executive Committee, other committee, or general business meetings is required to transact business.

IX. Political Activities

The Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group will not participate in, or intervene in, including the publishing or distribution of statements, any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

No substantial part of the activities of the group will be the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation.

X. Dissolution and Disbursements

Upon dissolution of the group, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the group, the remaining assets will be distributed by the Executive Committee to a non-profit fund, foundation, or corporation, which is organized and operated exclusively for education and/or scientific purposes, and which has established its tax-exempt status under Section 501 (C) 6 of the Internal Revenue Code of 2954, as amended.

No part of the net earnings of this group will ever inure to, be for the benefit of, or be distributed to, its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the group will be empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the exempt purposes for which it was formed.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Articles, the Columbia-Willamette Compensation Group will obey all applicable laws and will not carry on any other activities which are not permitted by an association exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (C) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended.

XI. Amendments to the Articles of Association

The Articles of Association may be amended by submitting the proposed amendment to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will review the proposed amendment(s) and present for a vote at the next meeting of the membership or by mail.

A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote by the voting members in attendance at a meeting of the membership or by members returning their ballot by mail by the designated deadline will be required to amend the Articles of Association.

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